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Screen Pool Enclosures – Glass Or Polycarbonate?

There are a number of materials that can be used for screen pool enclosures, out of which glass and polycarbonate are the two most popular ones. But, how do you know which of the two is more beneficial than the other. It is highly important to choose the right glazing material for this purpose, thus making it vital to weigh the pros and cons of both glass and polycarbonate to be able to come up to the right conclusion. Glass has been the most common material used since a long time. However, recently a majority of swimming pool manufacturers have been opting for polycarbonate sheets instead of glass. “Why this change?” – let’s find out! Here are some of the main advantages that polycarbonate sheets have over glass, which is making them more popular and widely used today. A multiwall polycarbonate sheet is one of the most versatile polycarbonate sheets that you can use.

Longer lifespan

Polycarbonate sheets are very strong, durable and shatter-resistant. As compared to glass, they are 250 times stronger. Thus, screen pool enclosures that are built with polycarbonate can withstand any kind of force, strong winds and harsh environment. Even when they are hit by rocks, snow and hailstones, they don’t break easily. On the other hand, glass is delicate and brittle.

Easier to customize

We all know that today’s world is all about pomp and show. This is why people are looking forward to unique shapes and designs to build up pool enclosures too. These unique shapes can be brought about by utilizing polycarbonate sheets. Even the most complex designs can be achieved with them because polycarbonate sheets can easily form smooth curves. Glass has many limitations in terms of designing. Moreover, polycarbonate sheets are much easier to transport and install because they are much light in weight as compared to glass.

Better insulation

There is a remarkable need of reducing costs related to heating screen pool enclosures. This makes insulation an important aspect to consider. This explains why polycarbonate sheets are ahead of glass. Because of the good insulating property of polycarbonate, it is used in electrical systems too.

Reduces heat loss

Polycarbonate sheets can help retain a lot of heat. Thus, screen pool enclosures built with polycarbonate have a very tiny amount of heat being lost to the environment through evaporation. As a result, these swimming pools have a higher temperature as compared to those with glass screen pool enclosures, which means a significant reduction in energy bills.

Blocks UV radiation

The sun’s UV rays are so harmful that they may even cause sunburns. These same UV rays also decompose the chemicals used in swimming pools, which results in pH imbalance. These rays are filtered by polycarbonate sheets, and thus the process of decomposition is eliminated in pools with polycarbonate enclosures, which reduces the quantity of swimming pool chemicals being purchased and the maintenance cost too.

This article may have already made you decide upon opting for polycarbonate sheets. So, you can get in touch with Just Polycarbonate to get all sorts of polycarbonate sheets that are versatile, durable and guarantee long-term cost saving. The polycarbonate sheets manufactured by Soton USA are widely used in a number of applications like skylights, pergolas, skywalks, polycarbonate greenhouse panels, stadium roofing, carports, indoor partitions, and railway station roofing, to name a few.

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