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About us

Our Polycarbonate sheets TM "SOTON" are an ideal replacement for traditional glazing materials. They are safe and easy to cut, install and use, almost impossible to break. Due to their low specific weight, polycarbonate sheets can significantly lighten and reduce the cost of the supporting structure in comparison with the structure in which glass is used, contributing to a significant reduction in transportation, handling and installation costs.

The company also has its own laboratory, where it regularly tests and checks its products. SOTON, as a manufacturer number 1 in Ukraine, provides a quality guarantee for its own products from 10 to 15 years of operation.












Our European quality certificates

(EN 16153: 2013 + A1: 2015 and EN16240: 2014).

Due to the varied use of polycarbonate sheets, you can bring any of your ideas to life, since this material meets all the requirements for glazing buildings.  

Lab Experiments
Polycarbonate glass like roof
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