Solid Polycarbonate Sheet. Brown and transparent. Acrylic Plastic glass. Colored pc sheet

Just Polycarbonate

Not Just Plastic

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Solid Polycarbonate

Solid polycarbonate sheets are designed for use in the construction of light-transmitting elements of wall, roofing, finishing materials and other buildings structures

Multiwall polycarbonate

Multi Wall Polycarbonate

Our multi wall polycarbonate sheets combines excellent mechanical, optical and thermal properties, which allow to use it in a variety of structural solutions

 Profiles & Hardware

Polycarbonate sheets can be joined using H Panels.  

U channels are used for the open ends of the polycarbonate sheet, top, and bottom.  

U-channels are highly recommended and should be used for all applications.

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DIY Pergola Polycarbonate Roof Kits

One of the best choices that you can make is polycarbonate roofing, which allows you to enjoy plenty of natural sunlight without worrying about excessive heat, ultraviolet rays,

rain or glare.

Polycarbonate Hurricane shutters.

Hurrican Polycarbonate Storm Panels

High mechanical strength with a relatively low weight; the light transmission of the transparent sheet is up to 92%; low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation properties; easy to install, bendable

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Made to order carports made of polycarbonate are a durable and durable design solution for you,

This material can withstand hurricane, corrosion and rust.