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Hurricane Storm


Secure your home with polycarbonate storm shutters

Storm polycarbonate shutters can cover large openings such as sliding-glass doors and picture windows in a way that lesser solutions, such as plywood, simply can’t—plus, when these storm shutters or panels are not in use, they can be easily stored in your garage, ready to be installed the next time a potential hurricane arrives.

  • Polycarbonate hurricane panels are plywood alternatives for storm shutters used to protect window openings from debris blown by damaging winds.


  • Polycarbonate hurricane panels have greater impact resistance than plywood and, because they are lighter, can be easier to handle and install during hurricane preparations.


  • As with clear boarding polycarbonate hurricane panels allow natural light into the home during the storm with UV protection. Another advantage with this material is time management; installation can happen ahead of the storm without sacrificing sunlight in your home while other hurricane preparations are taking place.

as low as $4.21sq foot

polycarbonate storm panels.jpg

  • four times stronger than half inch plywood sheet

  • offers 200 times higher impact resistance than glass

  • offers 20 times the impact strength of acrylic of the same thickness 

  •  weight of 48" x 96" panel is under 19lb

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This tracker shows the current view from our GOES East and GOES West satellites. A hurricane track will only appear if there is an active storm in the Atlantic or Eastern Pacific regions. The tracker also allows users view and interact with the satellite imagery.


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