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Polycarbonate Multiway Hollow Sheet unde

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets

The name “multiwall” material is due to its internal structure. The air contained in the voids between the layers of the slab – “multiwall”, provides its high thermal insulation properties, and the stiffeners – the greater structural strength of multiwall polycarbonate.

hurrican panels

Hurricane polycarbonate panels

Polycarbonate hurricane panels have greater impact resistance than plywood and, because they are lighter, can be easier to handle and install during hurricane preparations. As with clear boarding on vacant or abandoned houses, polycarbonate hurricane panels allow natural light into the home during the storm.

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet. Brown, white, transparent. Acrylic Plastic glass.jpg

Solid polycarbonate sheets

Solid polycarbonate has significant frost resistance, it can be used for the manufacture of external structures. The latter can be used at temperatures down to -50 ° C, provided there are no mechanical stresses.

Plastic polycarbonate sheets with alumin

Profiles and Hardware

Polycarbonate sheets can be joined using H Panels and U panels for a clean finish.

U channels are used for the open ends of the polycarbonate sheet, top, and bottom.  

U-channels are highly recommended and should be used for all applications.

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