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As a professional home watch company here in Boca Raton, FL

We are often asked why such a service is necessary and what could possibly go wrong with an unattended home. Usually, this mentality comes because we are fortunate to live in a very safe and somewhat low crime area. On top of that, many homes are located in gated communities that have limited access and onsite security. At first glance, we can understand people’s initial reaction, but when you realize the potential hazards of leaving a huge investment such as a vacation villa or second home completely unattended for months at a time, it doesn’t take long to list out the disasters that are just waiting to happen.

So, let’s look at some of the common issues we come across and possible problems that can be minimized or outright eliminated. First and foremost, an absentee service is geared to protect your investment, whether you own another home out of state, or across the country. Also, many insurance companies will not cover your second home for common issues if you leave your home unattended.

One of the biggest threats to your unattended home is folks looking to take advantage of abandoned or empty homes. Robbery of a second home is a crime that’s easy to commit and often isn’t discovered for weeks or months later. Truthfully, thinking that the security of your gated community is a deterrent to theft or vandalism is laughable. Often, it’s not a burglar coming in the middle of the night. It might be workers or contractors working nearby, or in some cases, actually at your property. Think of it like this, an unsavory character sees that your home is empty week after week when they cut your neighbor’s grass. They get to know the schedules of the other residents in the vicinity, and know the opportune time to rob you.

With weekly visits that are done at different times, your home will have a more lived-in appearance. Would-be criminals will be wary of getting caught if they know that someone might be coming by soon. Now, that’s not to say that things still can’t happen, but our services really cuts down on the threat.

If you own property here in Parkland Florida and you are not a full time resident, let Safe Home Management make owning a vacation home a more enjoyable experience. We are committed to protecting your property and take our responsibility very seriously. In addition, if you are wondering if buying a second home in South Florida is a good choice for you, Safe Home Management can help walk you through how the absentee owner process works, and help you to make a wise decision about purchasing a home in South Florida.

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