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Polycarbonate Sheets Vs. Other Plastic

Polycarbonate sheets have been proven to be superior to other plastic materials used in similar applications in almost every area of comparison. Furthermore, with various categories in polycarbonate available, it is polycarbonate multiwall sheets that are the finest ones as they perform the most effectively for long years with low maintenance and provide excellent value for money. Made from extruded sheets, there are no thickness variations seen in these sheets, unlike other plastics. Let us compare polycarbonate and plastics in a few areas of functionality to see which one proves better.

  • Polycarbonate provides up to 89% light transmission while plastic provides 80%.

  • Polycarbonate provides excellent impact and weather resistance, compared to the average resistance in case of plastics.

  • Temperature resistance in case of polycarbonates ranges up to 120 degree Celsius, while in case of plastics is only below 100 degree Celsius.

  • Polycarbonate is self-extinguishing and plastic is flammable.

With all these properties, you can get a clear understanding of why polycarbonate is far better than plastic. Last but not the least, polycarbonate is far more easier to maintain than plastic.

Convinced enough to opt for polycarbonate? For any kind of polycarbonate sheet, you can rely on the products provided by Just Polycarbonate. Since close to the past two decades, multiple commercial establishments, industrial applications, residential areas and warehouses have been using Soton worldwide for use in their construction, advertising and security industries. Some popular applications include skylights, pergolas, greenhouses, skywalks, stadium roofing, awnings, indoor partitions, market buildings, swimming pool covers, carports, billboards, signages, police shields and safety glazing.

Types of polycarbonate sheets

Solid and textured polycarbonate sheets

Solid and textured sheets can withstand weather extremities, may it be heavy rains, scorching winters or zero degree winters. They have high impact strength, durability, flexibility, and are transparent and light weight. They also possess thermal and chemical resistance. They are also easy to cut and drill. Moreover, they are very easy to store, handle and install. Besides, they are also available in embossed texture that gives the appearance of frosted glass, thus enhancing the look for indoor and outdoor applications.

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets

Multiwall sheets are those versatile sheets that provide outstanding flexibility, heat reflection and light transmission. They are manufactured from high quality polycarbonate resin that provides high impact strength, transparency and light-weightiness to the sheets. These sheets can also tolerate extreme weather conditions, and are also flame resistant.

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