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How to Make a Polycarbonate Board or Dry Erase Board

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

From the beginning of our office project, we wanted to add a large dry erase board in our common area. While we no longer write out our schedules for the week on a dry erase board we used to do that back in the days, but now we use computers, Writing down big picture goals, walking through project with production crew, or even just jotting down an quote for the week.

We ended up making Polycarbonate dry erase board out of 6.4mm solid clear sheet.

Here’s what you’ll need to grab for this DIY project.

  • 6.4mm Solid Polycarbonate Sheet

  • Plywood (or 2x4, something you can drill through)

  • Standoffs

  • Drill

  • Drill Bit & Regular Drill Bits

  • Tape Measure & Sharpie

  • Anchors & Screws

  • Stencil from a Sign Store (optional)

You can buy your Polycarbonate from Just Polycarbonate and every sheet can be cut to any size. They have lots of sizes and thickness to choose from.

Prep your Polycarbonate Sheet

You’ll be drilling holes into the Clear Polycarbonate cut sheet, so it’s important to have something underneath so you don’t drill into the floor. We decided to go with eight fasteners on the Polycarbonate dry erase board…all four corners and then four more in the middle, for stability. We measured an inch in from the edge and drew marks with my sharpie.

Drill Your Holes

We ended up buying this brand drill bit set for this project because these bits are great for drilling into plastic. If you use a regular bit, there is a chance the plastic can crack (which would be really bad!). If you only have a regular bit, you can drill in reverse and go really slow to prevent cracking. It was worth it to invest in the brad point drill bit set for this project.

We used the 3/16″ sized bit to drill the holes. We went slow for each hole, so it would create a clean mark all the way through.

Test to make sure the top portion of your standoff fits into your holes. You may have to use your drill bit to make it a tiny bit wider so it slides in easily.

Add Stencil


Mark Your Wall & Add Anchors

We used heavy duty one on the right.

We put the Solid Polycarbonate Sheet up on the wall and marked the 8 holes directly onto the wall to add our anchors. First, drill a pilot hole, screw in your anchor, and then add the base of your standoff.

Attach your Acrylic

Ready to use


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