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All you need to know about gluing polycarbonate

Are you going to glue polycarbonate? Then there are several points to consider because ordinary adhesives won’t work. Follow our tips and tricks and gluing polycarbonate will be a piece of cake.

Requirements for gluing polycarbonate:

Acrylic glue Plastic cleaner Polishing cloths package of 5 Polycarbonate sheets Rubber or vinyl gloves Sandpaper coarse (grain 240) and fine (grain 400) Wood bobbin (for sanding) Safety glasses

Which adhesive should you use for polycarbonate?

Gluing polycarbonate works in precisely the same way as gluing Acrylic. You can even use the same adhesive for both: acrylic adhesive. The main difference between acrylic adhesive and a standard adhesive is ​​that acrylic adhesive causes the contact surfaces to soften and fuse. So it seems more like welding, but you apply it like an adhesive. Unlike standard glue, it is ​very watery and will therefore not fill in any imperfections. Apply it between the contact surfaces with a thin needle.

Step 1: Start by sanding your polycarbonate

Before you can begin gluing, sand the edges as smoothly as possible. Start with coarse grit and finish with fine grit. It’s best to use a wood block to sand curved edges.

Step 2: Clean with an antistatic cleaner

After sanding, clean your polycarbonate sides and entire sheet with an antistatic cleaner and rub it dry with an antistatic cloth.

Step 3: Remove the protective sheets

Is the polycarbonate dust-free? Now remove the protective sheet from the parts that you’re going to glue. Note: leave the sheet on the areas that you aren’t going to glue to protect the polycarbonate from getting scratched.

Step 4: Apply your acrylic adhesive

Put on your gloves and goggles to prevent the glue from getting in your eyes or on your skin. Then take the adhesive and apply it accurately to the edges that you want to glue. If any glue gets on to places where you don’t want it, you’ll probably be tempted to wipe it off immediately. Don’t do this! Wait and let the glue evaporate and disappear, or you’ll be left with stains.

Step 5: Keep the glued surfaces fixed.

Keep both surfaces fixed in place for at least 15 minutes to allow the glue to dissolve ​​completely. After 24 to 48 hours, the adhesive bond will have reached its full strength.

Ordering polycarbonate

On our website, you can order your polycarbonate sheet in a range of thicknesses and sizes. We cut the sheet to size for you free of charge. If you’re not sure what thickness you need for your project, please contact us.

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