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DIY centerpiece: an polycarbonate bowl

If you are planning a special dinner, you probably aren’t thinking about using polycarbonate as a table decoration. In our previous blog about polycarbonate table decoration, we showed why this material is very suitable for making your own centerpieces. In this blog, we show you how you can transform an polycarbonate sheet into a unique bowl.

What do you need?

2 mm thick polycarbonate sheet An oven and oven gloves A baking tray with baking paper An oven-proof bowl A bowl or dish that fits over the oven-proof bowl Scissors

We use 2 mm thick polycarbonate sheets to create an polycarbonate dish.

Follow the steps and surprise your dinner guests with this unique table decoration.

Step 1: Heat the acrylic

To be able to mold the polycarbonate sheet, it must first be heated. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. While the oven is warming up, place an oven-proof bowl upside down on a baking sheet with baking paper. Place the polycarbonate sheet on the bowl, as in the photo below.

Once the oven has been preheated, place the baking sheet in the middle of the oven. Keep an eye on the polycarbonate during heating. You will see the plate deform after a few minutes: the corners of the sheet will drop. This is the sign that it is soft enough.

Step 2: Deform the polycarbonate sheet

Remove the polycarbonate sheet from the oven. Don’t forget your oven gloves! It is important to work quickly, otherwise, the polycarbonate will have cooled before you are finished. Use a larger bowl or bowl and push it evenly over the soft sheet. Hold the bowl in this position until the polycarbonate has cooled.

To create a deeper dish, you can place a smaller bowl in the warm polycarbonate sheet.

A tip for extra variation:

You make the bowl from a square sheet so that the corners protrude. If you don’t like this effect, you can trim the corners as long as the polycarbonate is still warm and soft.

Has the polycarbonate cooled down before you have finished shaping and cutting? Then put it back in the oven.

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