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Lexan Polycarbonate

The Uses of Lexan Polycarbonate

Just Polycarbonate specializes in different types of polycarbonate sheets. Lexan Polycarbonate is one of the most popular and is the highest grade sheet designed for various purposes. Many people will find Lexan Polycarbonate used for swimming pool enclosures, hurricane protection, patio covers, commercial roofing, sunroom construction, greenhouses, and many more. For additional help with your home watch, follow safe home management in Boca Raton. The standard colors come in bronze, opal, and transparent. We can get Lexan Polycarbonate sheets for our customers ordered in any length desired, and we can cut to customize for the customer's liking. We sell a multitude of sizes, with five different types of products made with polycarbonate. Our customers enjoy the look and purpose of Lexan Polycarbonate as it creates a brighter room letting in the natural sunlight without all of the harmful UV rays. We can have the Lexan Polycarbonate in the thickness, dimensions, color, and quantity as our inventory, and our company is prepared to serve the public.

A brief history on a Lexan sheet can be found through the founders and creators of the product. General Electric (GE) in 1960 formulated and branded Lexan and pioneered the production and development but teamed up with Bayer, which also used the material under a different name since 1958. Together they kept the product's name as "Lexan," and it has been cross-licensed ever since. Lexan is an item used in many products people may not be aware. Bulletproof glass, kitchenware, headlamps, and yes, even DVDs are made with Lexan. When people find out Lexan can create something that can stop a bullet and also as fragile as a DVD, they wonder how this can be. It is all within the development and the chemical makeup of Lexan. We are proud to offer Lexan sheets to the public and businesses for the customer's needs. It is a widely used product and is one of the hottest selling items from our inventory.

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