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Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets

Just PolyCarbonate Sells Solid and Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets

We have a large inventory of Solid Polycarbonate Sheets available for our customers who need the durability and reassurance of protection from harm. It does not matter what size our customers need; we can cut it to fit any purpose, whether for bulletproof shields, roofs, or windows. There are even companies now that are purchasing thin Solid Polycarbonate Sheets for protection against the COVID-19 virus. Since social distancing is the new norm, it keeps the clerks safe from the customers and can still see them through the Solid Polycarbonate Sheets. These are popping up everywhere, and people and businesses are purchasing them at an alarming rate. We are still able to keep up with the demand and are focused on keeping our inventory up. Our best sellers are 2MM, 6.4MM, 12mm and 16MM.

The Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets are another hot item we keep in stock. They are designed for looks, thermal, and mechanical properties. There are different uses for the Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets in structural solutions. It works best for construction and glazing projects. These are not as transparent as the solid sheets, but the looks make up for them when installed by construction workers. Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheets are easy to bend and are of the most common in greenhouses. Since the shapes can be altered to the customer's liking, they can be pieced together easily when building a greenhouse. It also serves to keep out too much heat in the frigid temperatures and extreme heat in the summer months. It makes it perfect for seasonal plants.

Everyone wants to know the polycarbonate solid sheet price after finding out what polycarbonate is. Featured, we have different prices for different sizes. All of them are clear and transparent. The polycarbonate solid sheet price per sheet for the 9.5MM is $29.15. The 6.4MM is $19.11, and the 12MM, which is the largest and thicker one, is $38.95. When looking at the prices versus the durability, Just Polycarbonate beats out the competition and keeps our customers happy at the same time. We make a profit, and the customer gets the protection and durability along with the look of how they want their home or building to look. It is a way everyone wins!

16mm twin wall polycarbonate clear.jpg
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