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We carry two types of Polycarbonare Car Ports.

Ferrous metal with applied double hammer painting and Aluminum carports

with polycarbonate coating are the most economical and practical solution to

the problem of car protection from adverse environmental conditions.
Additionally, the canopy is covered with monolithic or cellular polycarbonate.


Benefits of Owning a Carport

The main reason homeowners purchase a carport is to protect vehicles from the elements, including the sun, rain, ice, hail, and snow. In addition to cars, a carport can be used to protect SUVs, trucks, boats, tractors, and even RVs. When a vehicle is parked under a carport, frost will normally not form on its windshield. That’s because the carport roof acts as a barrier to prevent heat escaping directly into the air. Instead, it is absorbed by the roof and some is then radiated back to the vehicle.

Since it is not considered a permanent structure, most municipalities do not consider one to be taxable property. That’s because metal carport does not require a foundation. Even though a foundation is not required, we always recommend that you anchor your structure.

Areas of use:

  • for home, business, and municipal use.

  • Patio or Deck Awning  

  • Outdoor Workshop

  • Picnic Area

  • Cover for Playground Equipment

  •  Outdoor Meeting Space

  • Public Pick-up Areas

  • Maintenance Vehicle Storage



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