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Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate

How Bullet Resistant Polycarbonate Saves Lives

Bullet resistant polycarbonate is used in many different businesses, law enforcement, and the military. Inside stores, bullet resistant polycarbonate is used at the counters to protect the clerks from being robbed at gunpoint. If the place is secure to where the crooks cannot cross the counter, the clerk can remain safe for the most part. When the gun is fired, the bullet will not penetrate through the polycarbonate. It will bounce off the protection. Some banks use bullet resistant polycarbonate as well to protect the bank tellers from armed robbery. Law enforcement and the military use bullet resistant polycarbonate on their vehicles' windows and windshields, and there are shields they can hold up to protect themselves when entering hostile gunfire. When faced with gunfire, a bullet can severely injure or kill a person within a matter of seconds. The bullet resistant polycarbonate may be one of the best creations known to the human race because it has saved many lives on numerous occasions.

If anyone wishes to find polycarbonate sheets near me, they can use the technology available to research and find our business if they live in or near the area. Customers who love gardening may not know where to find polycarbonate sheets or if a company wishes to protect their employees from an armed robbery, they may not know where to look. By typing in polycarbonate sheets near me or speaking to the talking devices like Alexa, our business will come up in the search list. We use all of the polycarbonate sheets from the following manufacturers and are more than happy to cut to the proper fittings. We use Sabic TM LEXON, Soton, Covestro TM MACROLON, Trinseo TM CALIBRE, and others. Even though Polycarbonate is a little less durable than Lexan, it still serves the purpose to the fullest extent and is perfect for those searching for polycarbonate sheets near me.

Image by Matt Popovich
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