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Why You Should Choose Polycarbonate Roofing Over Glass?

Polycarbonate roofing sheet is getting more popular day by day simply because of its extremely resistant ability to any conditions, where glass roofing is more fragile, less resistant, and extremely heavy.

Using glass for roofing is a huge risk, as it can break for the smallest amount of harsh conditions and can cause severe injuries. On the other hand, it is practically impossible for you to break a pc sheet even if you try.

Although this roofing panel is super hard and quite unbreakable, you can cut it easily and resize it according to your needs.

If you have ever used glass roofing you know all the drawbacks and heavy cost of glass roofing.

Now with polycarbonate roofing, you get all the benefits of glass roofing to a great extent,

but the drawbacks are eliminated.

If you are in areas where heat is an issue, you should never go with glass. It consumes the heat and become impossible to touch, and more fragile than ever.

You don’t have to think about heat when you use polycarbonate sheets as it can take up to

270-290 degrees of heat easily.

The damage of Polycarbonate sheets is none compared to glass panels, hence the maintenance cost is next to nothing.

You get all the natural lights but without the UV radiations that a glass roof can’t possibly block.

Due to its extreme durability and convenience, it is now being used and admired all over the world including UAE, Australia, USA, and Brazil.

More and more people are started using it because they realized the days are over when you have to decide between natural lights and durability.

Now you can have both in one great material that is polycarbonate roofing sheets.

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Feb 16, 2022


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