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Polycarbonate side table

Polycarbonate side table

We can’t get enough of it: old furniture that has been given a new look, especially if the furniture is (partly) made of polycarbonate sheet. Everything is possible with this material and it is available in a superb range of thickness, so jobs with polycarbonate are never boring.


Old folding table

Cast polycarbonate sheet

Masking tape and pencil for marking


Spray paint (color of your choice)

Round adhesive studs (color of your choice)


Super Glue


5-millimetre HSS drill bit

Step 1: Remove the tabletop

Of course, you first have to remove the old tabletop from the folding table. Do this by unscrewing the top with a screwdriver. Save the screws to attach the new tabletop later.

Step 2: Paint the base

Now give the frame of the side table the color of your choice. Use a spray can with spray paint for this and then let the paint dry thoroughly.

Step 3: Mark the holes

Place the frame of the table on your polycarbonate sheet to mark the drill holes. Leave the protective film in place and stick a piece of masking tape where you will mark. This way, you can be sure that there will be no scratches on the polycarbonate sheet.

Step 4: Drilling polycarbonate sheet

Now it’s time to drill the holes in the right place in the polycarbonate. Place the polycarbonate sheet on a flat surface that supports it well. It’s important that you do not drill through the sheet, but only make holes at the bottom. Read more about drilling polycarbonate in our blog on this topic.

Step 5: Fix the polycarbonate sheet

Remove the protective film from the bottom of the polycarbonate sheet and screw the frame to it with a screwdriver, then also remove the foil on the top of the polycarbonate sheet.

Step 6: The finishing touch

Stick the studs on top of the polycarbonate at the height of the screws so that they are no longer visible. If necessary, treat the tabletop with antistatic cleaner. This agent makes the polycarbonate sheet antistatic and protects the surface so that your new side table stays nice and dust-free for longer.

Order polycarbonate in your favorite thickness and size

Look at our website for polycarbonate sheet that fits your interior best. Do you need tips for working with polycarbonate? View our blog section or contact us

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