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Partitions and Polycarbonate

An interior designer’s dream is a lightweight and flexible plastic that can be used for almost anything!

Solid polycarbonate sheets are often used by interior designers to create false ceilings and large spatial partitions due to their light weight and excellent light transmittance.

Polycarbonate is durable enough to be great for transparent floors and many other designs, and can be used to create amazing effects, bringing a space that combines openness, transparency and light for visual connection and privacy.

The highest quality Just Polycarbonate sheets are available in various thicknesses and colors, with excellent light transmission and maximum natural light.

Polycarbonate is a flexible, economical and practical solution for offices, trade shows and home space partitions, which is the ideal solution for interior decoration.


  • High definition and transparency

  • Light weight

  • Excellent strength and durability of a sheet

  • Easy to install and repair

  • Wide range of thickness and color

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