How to work with polycarbonate – useful tips

Polycarbonate is used in various applications: in construction, in medicine, in the food industry, as well as in the agricultural industry. This material has more than enough advantages. Cellular polycarbonate is an excellent polymer with excellent characteristics, including:

  • Flexibility

  • Light transmission

  • Reliability and durability

  • Reliability and durability

  • Resistant to high temperatures, does not burn

  • Protects from UV rays.

Polycarbonate can be mounted on arched surfaces:

  • Awnings, canopies, greenhouses.

  • During installation, the outer and inner sides of the polymer must be precisely defined, with a sunscreen film on the outside.

  • During installation, it must be borne in mind that the holes for fastening the sheets should be slightly larger than the screws so that the material does not crack. Since polycarbonate can change its dimensions (expand and contract) under the influence of temperature.

  • When bending polycarbonate sheets, you must follow all the points of the instructions.

  • It is also important to correctly position the polymer so that the stiffeners are vertical – in case of proper installation, the condensate will flow down and will not be accumulated in the cells

  • In the process of fastening with self-tapping screws, it makes sense to process the caps with silicone or use thermal washers. The sun-protection film must be removed after installation of the structure.