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How to install polycarbonate? Detailed instructions.

Polycarbonate is a modern and high-quality material used to cover greenhouses and hotbeds. It perfectly transmits the sun’s rays, the installation process is quite simple, and the polycarbonate itself has a long service life.

In order for a greenhouse covered with polycarbonate sheets to please the owners with its functionality for many years, it is necessary to correctly assemble the structure.

For this, step-by-step instructions have been prepared.

How to design a structural frame?

Polycarbonate belongs to the category of expensive construction materials, therefore, before starting the construction of a building, it is necessary to create a detailed drawing, which will take into account all the nuances. A well-designed project will make it possible to correctly calculate the required amount of construction materials.

Key features:

  • Panel size: the width of standard polycarbonate sheets is 2050-2100 mm. As for the length of the materials, it can vary from 2.5 to 12 meters. In order for the structure to be as reliable as possible and withstand strong gusts of wind and mechanical stress, the edges of the polycarbonate must be installed on the supporting supports of the frame. The length of the sheet is selected based on the dimensions of the finished frame structure.

  • Loads: wind and snow loads are distinguished among mechanical effects. As a rule, all polycarbonate sheets are able to withstand adverse weather conditions. The basic rule is to firmly fix the polycarbonate with the appropriate fittings.

  • Type of construction: it is easiest to install polycarbonate sheets on gable greenhouses. It is a little more difficult to mount. the material on arched greenhouses. But, since polycarbonate is particularly flexible, there will be no installation problems. It is only important to correctly position the polycarbonate sheets – so that the stiffeners are guided along the bending line.

What is required to install polycarbonate panels / boards?

To install this type of material, special fittings are used that ensure a strong fixation of the sheets, without damaging the polycarbonate. For spot mounting, special thermal washers are used, as well as self-tapping screws.

The thermal washer is a plastic washer with a leg, which also has a seal and a latch cover. It is this kind of hardware that professional experts advise to use, because this is how the sheets are securely fastened at the joints between the parts of the structure.

Preparatory work

Polycarbonate sheets do not require special preparation for installation. It is only important to understand on which side of the sheet the film is located, which serves as an effective protection against ultraviolet radiation. This particular side should be located outside the greenhouse or hotbed.

One of the preparation stages is holes cutting. They are drilled according to pre-prepared marks. To do this, you will need special metal drills with a sharpening angle of 30°. The holes should be 40 mm from the edge of the polycarbonate sheet and between the stiffeners.

Panel fastening methods

Polycarbonate sheets are attached in two ways: using split and one-piece profiles. On the sides of the one-piece support there are grooves, where the polycarbonate sheet is inserted. In the center there is a channel for mounting to the frame.

The detachable profile, according to experts, is more convenient to install. Its lower part is connected to the frame, and polycarbonate panels are installed so that the edges fall on the side parts of the profile. Then the top section of the profile is installed.

Interpanel assembly of polycarbonate

For high-quality installation of interpanel connections, you should resort to adhesive technology. What is needed for a special glue with a silicone base. It is required to apply it with a mounting gun along the length of the main sheet, after which the second plate is pressed. All actions must be performed as accurately and quickly as possible, since the glue is fixed very quickly.

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