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Five ideas for a bathroom upgrade with Just Polycarbonate

Want a bathroom makeover that’s quick and affordable? Polycarbonate sheet is the perfect material for your project. It’s hygienic and easy to clean while giving your bathroom a beautiful new look. Discover five ideas for cheap bathroom renovations: fun to make yourself without hurting your budget.

# 1. A plastic floating ceiling in the bathroom.

Transform your bathroom with a floating ceiling made from Just Polycarbonate sheet. As well as giving a glamorous appearance, a clear solid ceiling is resistant to mold. Read our blog

reasons for a plastic ceiling in your bathroom to find out more about the benefits of an polycarbonate floating ceiling.

# 2. Give your bathroom a more spacious look with an Just Polycarbonate shower screen.

A transparent solid polycarbonate shower screen is much more hygienic than a shower curtain and also gives the illusion of more space. Clear polycarbonate sheet is very robust, moisture-resistant and easy to keep clean. Discover how to install your own polycarbonate shower enclosure in our blog: Making an polycarbonate shower enclosure.

Tip: Do you want more privacy in the bathroom? For a shower enclosure made of tinted solid polycarbonate, ice, white or matt polycarbonate sheet.

# 3. Install plastic wall cladding and keep your bathroom free of mold.

Have those old bathroom tiles been bothering you for a while, but you can’t face the idea of removing them? Plastic wall cladding is the solution for a quick and affordable makeover! Polycarbonate sheet offers endless options as it is available in so many different colors and finishes, including matte and high gloss.

# 4. Give your bathroom a cozy ambience with homemade bathroom accessories

A bath board is a great way to give your bathroom a cozy and relaxing feel. You can showcase your favorite bathroom accessories on it or add a nice plant. This homemade bath board is a real designer statement in itself. Its golden handles add a dash of luxe to your décor.

Don’t have a bath? Make a smaller version of the bath board and follow the steps in our blog “DIY: Making an polycarbonate tray”. Handy to place on your bathroom furniture or on a bathroom cabinet.

# 5. Upgrade your bathroom with a matte window for more privacy

Nobody wants to be spied on in the bathroom! Since bathrooms tend to be damp places, standard window privacy film will peel off quickly. A budget-friendly solution is to install a bathroom window made of frosted (ice) polycarbonate sheet. This gives you the advantage of keeping the natural daylight.

Customized bathroom upgrades

Are you going to renovate your bathroom with polycarbonate sheet? Order your chosen material directly from Just Polycarbonate. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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