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Replace garden shed windows with polycarbonate sheets

Could your summerhouse do with a makeover or would you like to replace your garden shed windows? We have plenty of shed window ideas. With custom polycarbonate sheet, your summerhouse windows will look brand new again in no time. Affordable, quick and easy to do, and 30 times stronger than ordinary glass. In this DIY, we’re going to show you how to replace shed windows yourself.

Requirements for replacing shed windows:

Clear Polycarbonate solid sheet for shed window

Glazing tape

Glazing adhesive

Drill or hammer

The basics of replacing garden shed windows

In this DIY, we’re assuming that you plan to replace your existing shed windows with polycarbonate sheet. Because we’ll saw the window panes to size for you free of charge, it’s fine to use budget clear solid as a replacement for traditional glass. If you’d rather cut the shed windows to size yourself or want to machine cut it in a different way, then use solid polycarbonate sheet. The thickness of Solid Clear Polycarbonate you need depends on the size of your window. For a small shed window, 2 mm thick polycarbonate will be suitable. For larger summerhouse or shed windows, it is better to choose 6.4 mm thick polycarbonate. If you’re not sure, consult us or the correct thickness.

Step 1: Remove the glazing beads from your shed windows

Before you can replace your garden shed windows, the first step is to remove the glazing beads. Only then can you determine the size of polycarbonate sheet that you need to order. To work out the correct size of your window panel, you need to know the rebate size; this is the space in the frame without the glazing beads. Use a chisel or screwdriver to remove the glazing beads. Repeat this step for all the summerhouse windows that you intend to replace.

Step 2: Measure your garden shed window

Measure the size of your shed window. Then subtract 2 mm all around, because polycarbonate sheet might expands with heat.

Step 3: Attach glazing tape to make your garden shed windows watertight

Apply glazing tape in the shed window frame, 2 mm away from the edge. Stick glazing tape to the back of the glazing beads, also at a distance of 2 mm from the edge.

Step 4: Position your summerhouse window

Now place the plastic windowpane in the rebate of your shed and then reattach the glazing beads.

Step 5: Seal your DIY shed windows

For a nice finish, seal your polycarbonate summerhouse window neatly with glazing sealant. Seal both the front and back of the shed windows. Make sure that the sealant is worked in well between the connection of the glass and the glazing beads. Finally, we recommend regularly treating your window with an anti-static cleaner. This will prevent your summerhouse window from attracting dust, and it will stay looking beautiful for longer.

Order plastic windows for your summerhouse

Do you want to replace the windows of your garden shed or summerhouse soon? Order your CLEAR SOLID polycarbonate windows directly from our website, and we’ll cut them to size for you free of charge. We always ensure that you receive your order as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about this project or our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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