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Polycarbonate wall key holder.

Are you always hunting around for your keys? With a homemade key holder, you can create a place to store your keys safely and you’ll always know exactly where they are! In this easy DIY, we’re going to show you how to make a key holder using polycarbonate sheet.

You’ll need:

4 matt black hooks ( or your choice of design )

Drill + bits


The basis for the easy DIY key holder.

For our key holder, we’re using 6.4mm thick polycarbonate sheet. Our key rack measures 14 in x 10 cm. Naturally, you can adjust the dimensions of the polycarbonate to suit your taste and décor. You can also decide on the number of brackets. In our example, we’re going to have 2 and 4.

Step 1: Order the polycarbonate sheet for your plastic key holder.

What’s nice about making a DIY key holder is that you can make it completely to your taste. First of all, think about the best place to hang your key holder. In most cases, this will be by the entrance door. Choose the polycarbonate in a beautiful thickness that matches it and decide on the dimensions. We’ll saw the sheet to size for you free of charge, so you all you have to do is to drill the holes.

Step 2: Decide how many holes you’re going to drill.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to start drilling the holes. In this DIY, we’re assuming that you’ve opted to extend your key holder. Decide where you want to place your Mark the drill holes on a piece of masking tape. This will prevent the drill bit from slipping. Leave the protective film on the polycarbonate sheet until you have drilled all the holes. This will prevent any unnecessary scratches on the plastic. Please note: as you’re going to be drilling holes in the polycarbonate sheet, it is important to order solid acrylic, not the twin wall type.

Step 3: Attach the hooks for your keys

Attach the key hooks of your key coat rack with screws. Just place the screw in the hole you have drilled and tighten it


Step 4: Hang up your key holder without drilling any holes

To attach your key holder to the wall without drilling any more holes, we’re using self-adhesive strips. Et voilà! Your key holder is ready to use.

Ordering Polycarbonate for the key holder

Did this DIY inspire you to make a polycarbonate key holder yourself? On our website, you’ll discover polycarbonate sheet in a wide range of different thickness and sizes. We cut the sheets to size for you free of charge and deliver your order as soon as possible. Do you have any questions about making a key holder or about any other DIY? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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