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DIY: Replacing a basketball backboard with polycarbonate.

Are you thinking about replacing a basketball backboard that has been damaged or perhaps you are planning to make a new one from scratch? Polycarbonate is the ideal material to use for this project. It makes a safe, vandal-proof alternative to a glass basketball backboard.

# 1. A polycarbonate basketball backboard will not break

Did you know that polycarbonate is 250 times as strong as standard glass? A good choice of material for a basketball backboard that has to stand up to a lot of hard knocks. Also useful as a vandal-resistant solution for basketball boards on public basketball courts.

# 2. A transparent basketball backboard looks good

The advantage of a transparent basketball backboard is that you can see through it clearly and it is not dominant. And of course, it just looks good. If you’d like to make a transparent basketball backboard, for best choice of clear polycarbonate. Acrylic is less shock-resistant than polycarbonate. If you want to make a basketball backboard that is 100% vandal-proof, the best option is polycarbonate.

# 3. Polycarbonate basketball backboards are perfect for outdoors.

Polycarbonate is UV and weather-resistant. Thanks to these properties, your replacement baseball backboard will be resistant to weathering and yellowing and you can use it outside all year round.

# 4. Polycarbonate basketball backboards are fire retardant

Another advantage of a polycarbonate basketball backboard is that it is fire-resistant. Polycarbonate is flame-inhibiting, with a fire class of B1, so a polycarbonate basketball backboard won’t burn with an open flame. Polycarbonate is self-extinguishing.

# 5. Polycarbonate is easy to work with

It’s easy to saw, mill, glue and drill polycarbonate. Very handy if you want to replace a broken basketball board and need to process this material.

Ordering polycarbonate to make a replacement basketball backboard.

You can order polycarbonate in a range of different thickness, and dimensions from our website. We will cut all sheets to size for you free of charge. The official measurements of a basketball backboard are 6 feet wide x 3 1/2 feet tall. You could also make a smaller child’s version: for example 4 foot wide x 3 feet tall. In this case, you’d need a 6.4mm thick polycarbonate sheet. Not sure about the thickness? Check out our free solid thickness available.

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