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Clear Polycarboate Hurricane Panels for the Best Protection

Just Polycarbonate hurricane panels are preferred over wood, and other types protective panels when storms are close. Clear multi wall polycarbonate sheet has been used as polycarbonate hurricane shutters and boards, since polycarbonate was shown to be incredibly tough and impact resistant. County and state building codes in states like Florida, have recognized polycarbonate hurricane panels as the preferred material for hurricane storm prep (using polycarbonate material over windows and doors, etc.), as this type of protective paneling can resist impact from large objects and even large missiles, when tested.

Using multi wall polycarbonate sheet plastic then you are assured of hurricane protection because this material is two hundred times stronger than glass and very durable. It is very light; in fact it is five times lighter than plywood.

Clear Multi Wall Hurricane Panel

Clear hurricane panels bring at least one very apparent advantage of other hurricane shutter types. These panels are clear; they don’t block your view and allow sunlight to come in. They don’t give you the feeling of being trapped inside a place to sit out a hurricane. The shutter glass won’t yellow with age and you get 100% UV protection as well.

Multi Wall shutters, usually made of high grade polycarbonate multi wall sheets, cover the external façade of a structure. They don’t splinter or warp like wood and they sure don’t look like eyesores that many metal hurricane shutters appear to be. These shutters are easy to install. They won’t envelope your property in darkness and you don’t need difficult to manage accessories when you are putting up these shutters. In other words, these shutters are easy to install.

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