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Polycarbonate table top for indoors and outside.

Do you want to protect or replace your table top or maybe your garden table is damaged? Polycarbonate table tops are the best choice if you want a surface for your table that’s durable and keeps its good looks.

Recycled plastic table tops for indoors

Wooden tables are beautiful, and naturally, you want them to stay that way. But unfortunately, it’s easy to stain or scratch them. For example, you might have pressed a pen a little too hard, your child has been working with felt markers without a placemat, or a glass of red wine gets tipped over. But when you have a polycarbonate tabletop, it’s not the end of the world if accidents happen! Attaching a polycarbonate table top made of polycarbonate sheet to your wooden table will protect it from scratches and stains. At the same time, you can still enjoy the look of wood.

You can not only use a plastic table top as a table protector but also make a new table with it. For example, check out this side table with a plastic table top made of polycarbonate sheet. All you need is a base, then order your custom cut polycarbonate table top in the size and color of your choice. The possibilities are endless, from a 9mm clear to 5mm bronze.

Maintaining polycarbonate table tops

Cleaning a plastic table top is easy: just wipe over with mild soapy water and a little anti-static cleaner. This prevents your table top from attracting dust, and it stays beautiful for longer.

Ordering a custom polycarbonate sheet for table top

If you’d like to order a custom polycarbonate table top from our website, we will cut it in any size you require, just ask us.

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